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  How Much Does It Cost &

What Will  I Get?  


The E-Design fee for each room you would like to have designed is $2,339.00  A room is considered a space that is 150 square feet or less.  Each additional square foot will be charged at $14/sqft.

The package includes one round of revisions. If additional revisions are required, time will be billed at the rate of $100 an hour.

What is not included:

Procurement: Placing orders, tracking orders, or resolving deficiencies.

Delivery & Installation: Installation and assembly of items ordered. Disposal of packaging for orders. Corresponding with any trades or installers.

Samples: Ordering or providing materials samples for any items suggested for your design. More than one round of revisions to the design.

 E-Designer Service is recommended  if you are:

  • Able to measure and photograph your space

  • Able to articulate through inspirational images and product links exactly what you like

  • Able to order products on your own

       and handle any returns/exchanges

  • Able to hire any tradesmen (painter, installer, etc.) on your own

  • Desire to have a design plan narrowed down within a few weeks

DMonti Interior Design Offers a Local Design Service if you:

  • Want in-home consultations

  • Want detailed room measurements and photos done for you

  • Want multiple fabric/wallpaper books and tile/flooring/countertop samples brought to your home

  •  Want furniture purchasing handled

  • Needs Kitchen and Bathroom consultations cover room layout, selection of cabinets, granite, flooring, tile, plumbing fixtures & finishing touches

  • Real Estate improvement (Buying and Selling). We will give you a Renovation Plan that prioritizes the "eye sores" and lists home renovation solutions to maximize  the value of your home

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